Environmental Permitting and Consulting


Project Planning and Development:

- We work with your project team at early stages of development to assist you in planning for the environmental permitting process

- We have been successful in finding ways to optimize project schedules and to maximize cost-effective approaches

- We adapt to your project needs

Facility Siting and Constraints Analysis:

- We work with you to determine optimal alternatives to avoid and minimize environmental impacts

- We work to provide suggestions for beneficial effects that help compensate for other impacts

- On complex projects, we will help you using a structured team evaluation considering problems, feasible options, and possible solutions to               optimize your project design and implementation

Wetland and Waters Permitting and Assessment:

- Federal Clean Water Act Section 404 Permitting and related Section 401 Certification

  * Delineation of Wetlands and Waters

  * Functional assessments of wetlands and waters using methods such as CRAM, HGM, and others

  * Impact assessment that focuses on not only what the impacts are, but what they really mean

  * Plan development for mitigation, restoration, and creation of wetlands and waters

  * Monitoring and documentation of project and mitigation completion

- State Programs, such as California Section 1600 Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreements and California Regional Water Quality Control Board    compliance

  * The same services described for Federal jurisdictions also apply to waters of the State.

Federal and State Endangered Species Act Compliance:

- Surveys for endangered species, including protocol level surveys when they apply

- Planning for avoidance and minimization of impacts on endangered species

- Assessment of impacts, development of approaches for compensation, and take authorizations, if necessary

Biological Survey and Assessment:

- Survey and mapping of general biological resources

- Impact assessment and mitigation planning

- Preparation of Habitat Restoration Plans

NEPA, CEQA, and other State and Local Environmental Assessment:  Management and preparation of Environmental Impact Statements (EIS's) and Environmental Impact Reports (EIR's), Environmental Assessments (EA's), Proponents Environmental Assessments (PEA's), and other similar documents, and preparation of other agency-specific documents.  We have worked with Federal and State agencies, such as the ACOE, USFWS, USFS, FERC, FEMA, CEC, CPUC, and other Federal, State, and local agencies.

Other Permits: We have worked with many agencies and helped our clients obtain numerous different permits, including Coastal Zone Permitting

Expert Witness Testimony: Dr. Magdych has provided expert witness testimony in support of both private clients and agencies. Some of his experience includes expert witness testimony for NEPA compliance, water resources, and coastal development in support of FEMA during litigation against some of the agency's disaster responses, testimony in support of the Denver Water Department and Northern Colorado Water Conservancy, Pepperdine University, the San Diego Unified School District, several mining clients, and several private development clients on litigation and investigations associated with wetlands, waters, and water resources related issues.

Training: We also provide training to our clients and others on a variety of topics.