Representative Projects

With over 40 years of experience, Bill Magdych, Ph.D., has successfully managed hundreds of projects involving most environmental issues that may be encountered, providing his clients with high quality products, adherence to project budgets, support of their project goals, and high client satisfaction.  Dr. Magdych has extensive experience in California, throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Pacific Islands, and the Caribbean.  The projects described below are just a small representation of Bill Magdych's experience and capability.  He is fully prepared to serve your project's needs, no matter how small or how large.  If you would like more information on our experience, please contact Bill Magdych.

South San Diego Bay Power Plant Demolition Project.  Provided environmental permitting and compliance support to Dynegy with Global Environmental Permitting (GEP) involving CEQA compliance, Coastal Zone permitting, Section 404 and 401 permitting, compliance regarding the endangered California least tern and green sea turtle, and other permitting issues.  Worked closely with Dynegy to aid in its selection of demolition methods on land and in the tidal waters of San Diego Bay to avoid adverse impacts and simplify the permit process.  Conducted monitoring for California least tern and green sea turtles during in-water demolition associated with two bridges, intake and discharge structures, and a boat ramp.

Solar, Wind, Nuclear, Gas, and other Power Projects.  Dr. Magdych has managed project permitting and focused resource-specific studies for power projects across the United States.  His experience includes permitting solar energy projects using a variety of technologies for several very large projects in several states with agencies including the California Energy Commission, wind turbine projects in California, nuclear power generation projects with agencies such as the California Public Utilities Commission, and many more.

Applied Research Studies for GRI (the Gas Research Institute) and EPRI (the Electric Power Research Institute).  Bill Magdych, Ph.D. was the principal investigator for evaluations of construction techniques and permitting issues in the United States and Canada associated with development of new and existing gas pipelines and electric transmission lines.  Worked with industry representatives and other researchers to evaluate wetland, stream, and other water body crossings.  Conducted extensive outreach to permitting agencies at Federal and State levels across the U.S. and Canada.  Developed guidance manuals and construction best management practice manuals for use by the pipeline and transmission line industry to aid in both permitting, construction, and ongoing maintenance and operations.

Environmental Permitting and Consulting