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Bill Magdych, PhD, Certified Professional Wetland Scientist, No. 195

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For bill Magdych, Ph.D.

Environmental Permitting and Consulting


2012 CRAM (California Rapid Assessment Method) training for riverine, estuarine, depressional, and other wetlands and waters through SCCWRP (Southern California Coastal Water Research Project

2010 Episodic Streams Workshop conducted by the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project in November 2010 in Costa Mesa, CA.

2002 Local and 2003 Statewide AEP Outstanding Environmental Resource Document for the “EPRI Best Management Practices Manual for Access Road Crossings of Wetlands and Waterbodies”

2001 AEP Outstanding Resource Management Document for “An Approach for Determining and Meeting Wetland Revegetation Goals in Pipeline Construction Rights of Way”

2000 AEP Award of Merit for an Environmental Resource Document for the “Project Yukon EIR”

2000 AEP Award of Merit for an Environmental Solution for the “Assessment of Otay Tarplant – Soil Relationships for the Otay Mesa Generating Project”

2000 Commendation from San Diego Oceans Foundation for Significant Support and Contributions to Setting Standards for Environmental  Review of Ships Prepared for Sinking as Artificial Reefs

"Bill is insightful and adept at complex problems, stays well focused and delivers a great product. I have no hesitation in recommending Bill for a variety of environmental work such as biological and ecological assessment, facility siting, and wetlands structural and functional work." - Jon Allen, Michigan's Office of the Great Lakes

"As case manager for SCE's steam generator replacement application, I was very pleased to have Bill leading the environmental analysis. Any project involving nuclear facilities is inherently complex, reaching across many departments of Edison, requiring careful scrutiny by the CPUC and many other agencies. Bill was an outstanding partner with the SCE case team and our internal resources." - Mark Nelson, Director of Integrated Planning at SCE

"I had the pleasure of working with Bill during the emergency response to Hurricane Marilyn, in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Bill was instrumental in documenting and resolving critical environmental issues prior to FEMA’s construction of essential temporary public housing. I was impressed with Bill’s knowledge of the island’s endangered species and permitting issues which he addressed in record time. A major mitigation element of the project involved site restoration, a plan that Bill developed and monitored over several years." - Lynn Alexander, FEMA

"Bill is personable, of the greatest integrity and highly expert in the field with which he worked on my project. This was forested wetlands used for pipeline rights-of-Way. His reports and paperwork were on time, informative and readable. His work was innovative and included, as an extra, the first time development of software for the management of the type of information we were putting together." - Jim Evans, GRI

"Bill provided valuable project management and coupled with his skills set in the environmental arena my company was successful in obtaining the necessary approvals to pursue a multimillion dollar project. His efforts were a large part of that success. He has a vast knowledge of environmental regulation which was invaluable to our success." - William Messner, Director of Safety at Portland General Electric

"The successful environmental clearance and regulatory approval of a complex project is the ultimate measure of a consultant's value. My experience with Bill demonstrates that he delivers the results with a high level of care and diligence to the client. Bill's technical ability and management skills make him a valued project team leader both in terms of strategic planning and cost efficient use of labor. Bill is a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to work with him again." - Robert Goodson, Managing Director at RMG Environmental Consulting, LLC

"Bill Magdych has been my mentor for the past 13 years. When I first came to Woodward-Clyde (now URS Corp) I was fresh out of my Master's program and just starting out in the consulting field. I worked with Bill on a project (he was the Project Manager) early on, and was pleased to find a PM that was able to clearly communicate my tasks, deadlines, and his expectations. Bill has always been available for me to come to when I need clarification regarding any aspect of the projects I’ve worked on, whether he was the manager or not. I ended up reporting to Bill for a large portion of my career, and I liked his management style. I believe he is both an outstanding personnel and project leader.

Dr. Magdych took the time to educate me on the environmental permitting process to a level much greater than what is taught in college. He is also very well-versed on the environmental regulations, especially with regard to NEPA, CEQA, Biology and Endangered Species, Wetlands, Water Resources, and related areas, and perhaps most importantly, the processes involved in successfully completing environmental compliance and obtaining final project approvals. Bill's depth and breadth of knowledge, and rational, objective approach to issues have ensured his success as the project leader in a variety of fields for his clients and staff." - Krista Ellis, URS

"I've worked with Bill for over ten years, and he has provided unparalleled knowledge and guidance for my career. As my direct manager, I've found Bill to be very approachable, and very a generous person. Bill is client-focused, with an aim to get the job done. Bill also stays up to date with the latest technology, and excels at photography." - Brian Lohstroh, Principal Biologist at Lohstroh Biological Consulting

"Bill was my supervisor for over 4 years at URS Corporation. I worked with him on numerous projects; large and small, public and private. Bill's professional strengths include an in-depth knowledge of the environmental permitting process specifically related to Biological Resources and Endangered Species, NEPA, CEQA, and Wetlands. Bill has an easy-going management style and is very approachable, but also demands high quality work to best serve clients. As a staff-level biologist, I relied on Bill's mentorship for many tasks including technical advice related to biology and science as well as clarification of complex permitting issues involving multiple issues and agencies. Bill maintains a professional manner while being personable and I enjoyed working with him." - Jim Rocks, Owner/Principal Biologist at Rocks Biological Consulting